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Web Design:

Having a presence on the web is no longer the exception but the rule. Everyone has web sites- even people's pets. There is a huge difference between building a web site and building a good website. On the internet you can find thousands of examples of poorly designed web sites with broken links, bad color schemes, inscrutable menus and the like.

A good web site has a clean, functional design. It is accessable by everyone. It doesn't use proprietary features so that it is portable among operating systems and browsers. The goal of any web presence should be that your users are not distracted, can find what they want easily and will continue to use your resource. A clean, efficient and portable design will help ensure your users have a positive experience.

Have you felt that you would like to have your own place on the World Wide Web to advertise your business and you don't want to pay the high price for the big time web designers? Are you turned off by the glitzy sites on the internet and want a "homespun" but professional site to display your products? Have you ever wanted to have your own family site so friends and relatives can keep up on your news but without the ads, pop-ups and privacy settings in Facebook? Would you like help getting through the designing and creation of your personal or business web site yet be able to maintain and update it yourself?

You have come to the right place.

We design sites for small businesses as well as for personal use. Your site will be unique, containing graphics and photos supplied by your or custom graphics or photos created by us. The ultimate cost will depend upon the complexity and size of the site, as well as the inclusion of photos, custom graphics, animation etc. Visit our Web Design page to view samples of our work.

After a free consultation and discussion of what you want for your site I can give a pricing estimate. Please contact us