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Consultation on computers, hardware and software is reserved for web site clients.

Are you contemplating purchasing a computer system or up-grading your existing system and feel utterly confused by the "new technology" to the point of throwing in the towel?

Do you feel that the computer sales people look at you with ($)^($) in their eyes when you ask about that "burst pipeline cache" or "needing more SDRAM"? Would you like to be able to tell someone what you want in plain English and know you can depend on them to direct you straight-forwardly.

Would you like a knowlegable assistant familiar with current software and hardware to help you resolve your computers inner conflicts? You just installed a wireless router, video card, CD, DVD, Blu-ray writer or whatever) and your computer isn't responding.

You know it's surely something simple, but WHAT??? Do you need an intermediary between you, the humble, learning computer operator who is undergoing computer dilemmas and the forever arrogant and condescending "Help Desk" saviors,

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